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Hi, I'm Arek!

I love looking at the world through the lens of my camera (or from a bird’s eye view by controlling a drone).

This way I can see more and better. I discover what is invisible at a first glance. I bring out the magic in seemingly ordinary sceneries. I compose landscapes as if it were paintings by the greatest masters of art. I notice nuances, chiaroscuro, small details that change everything. I give form to untamed, breathtaking nature. And finally, I capture it with a single snap of my camera – precisely planned and perfectly timed.

The innocent hobby of taking photos has evolved over time into my greatest passion, and is now slowly becoming my way of life too. It’s not just something I do after hours of daily work, to relax and catch a breath. This activity gives meaning to my mornings and evenings, sunrises and sunsets, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays or Sundays. 

Even when I don’t have my camera with me, I think about what a beautiful frame could be captured, if only while standing in a traffic jam in the city, walking in the woods with my daughter, looking out of my office window. Although I’ll be honest and say that I can rarely be seen without my camera, because at any small or big trip, I always have it at hand. It is my friend who has never let me down, and thanks to whom I create little miracles in the frame: moments captured in time or the beauty and power of nature frozen forever.

Now that we know each other, let’s collaborate!
I would love to do landscape sessions for you with my camera or drone!

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