Cuba [EN]

Evening, 29 th of January 2012. We had escaped the hustle and bustle of Havana. We were tired of the rum and cigar shops, the crowds of tourists following the guide like pioneers on a May Day parade, and the peddlers offering us the best cigars at prices several times lower than in official shops. We were no longer even impressed by stories about the extraordinary life in Cuba: about Cuban technological achievements, the best-educated doctors or raising pigs in the bathroom of a flat on the fourth floor. For a while, we also wanted to escape the sight of poor people seeing us as an opportunity, however slight, to improve their situation and sell us anything for a peso convertible.

We stopped at one of the viewpoints. It was late, so it had already become empty, and the thick blanket of clouds made it impossible to judge where the sun was.

Silence surrounded us from all sides, and mogotes, rounded hills formed by water and wind, piled up in front of us. This landscape is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful on the island.

locationViñales Valley, Pinar del Río Province, Cuba
exposure time1/50s

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