Holbox [EN]

9th February 2006. Mexico, Holbox Island. A day like any other – it starts at 21 degrees and during the day the temperature rises to 28-29, with only a few clouds moving lazily across the sky. Isla Holbox, which lies in the Gulf of Mexico north of the Yucatan, is very long (over 40 kilometers long) and very narrow (1.5 kilometers wide). It is inhabited by around 1,000 people located solely at its western end; the rest is completely wild, with only birds, lizards and small crocodiles living there. And it was into this part that I went alone, accompanied only by terns and a few pelicans on the way. The white beach seemed to go on forever and the mangrove vegetation released a not very pleasant smell. Along the way, I saw many horsetails, arthropods with shapes completely out of step with today’s times, looking as if by some mysterious force they had been transported here from an era even before the dinosaurs.

After a few kilometers, I reached a place where coastal shrubs and small trees formed amazing shapes that with the white sand, turquoise sea and cornflower sky created beautiful compositions, such as this. For a moment I felt like Robinson Crusoe on his paradise island. But, well, I had to get back to civilization.

locationHolbox Island, Mexico
exposure time1/60s

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