9 September 2022

Zion [EN]

9th June 2016, United States. The previous day we had set off very early precisely in order to spend as much time as possible in Zion National Park. We probably knew the least about Zion of all the nine national parks we visited on this trip. We knew that you can’t get around it in […]

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Venezuela [EN]

1st January 2011. Venezuela. Yes, make no mistake, it was JANUARY THE FIRST! Last night, we didn’t make it to midnight to celebrate welcoming of the New Year with the Venezuelans, because we spent the whole night before New Year’s Eve in a rickety and very noisy bus carrying us almost halfway across this huge

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Niagara [EN]

A ship that looks like a child’s bathtub toy is approaching a massive wall of water. Onboard it are several dozen people dressed in identical foil mackintoshes in a bright color: red or blue. If someone were to fall into the water, it would be easier to spot them thanks to the coat, although the

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Canada [EN]

27th July 2017. We were woken up by beautiful sunshine in Kamloops in the morning. I couldn’t wait to leave the hotel because we were going to spend the next three days in the most beautiful place in Canada, more than that, in one of the most beautiful places in the world – the Canadian

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Iceland [EN]

19th August 2013. After the magical Faroe Islands, we took a ferry to Iceland. From the town of Seyðisfjörður, where the ferry arrived, we headed southwest. On that day, after driving 350 kilometers, we arrived at Vatnajökull National Park, which encompasses the largest glacier in Iceland. Among other things, the glacier flows into Jökulsárlón, a

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Holbox [EN]

9th February 2006. Mexico, Holbox Island. A day like any other – it starts at 21 degrees and during the day the temperature rises to 28-29, with only a few clouds moving lazily across the sky. Isla Holbox, which lies in the Gulf of Mexico north of the Yucatan, is very long (over 40 kilometers

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Fuji [EN]

17th May 2019. It was the end of our month-long trip across Japan. We had chosen the place where we would spend the night while still in Poland, we wanted to be sure to wake up with a magical view in front of our eyes. The day before, thick clouds hid everything, the mountain was

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