Niagara [EN]

A ship that looks like a child’s bathtub toy is approaching a massive wall of water. Onboard it are several dozen people dressed in identical foil mackintoshes in a bright color: red or blue. If someone were to fall into the water, it would be easier to spot them thanks to the coat, although the chances of being rescued from this pool would be rather slim. From the main cascade of the waterfall, called Horseshoe Falls (“horseshoe waterfall” because of its curved shape), 2,500 tons of water per second fall from a height of 55 meters, which means that in just over a second you could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool with it.

During the season, the boats run every ten minutes or so. At the climax, the captain stops almost in the middle of “the horseshoe” (passengers can then watch the water falling from three sides with a bang) and then turns, while the wind-driven drops, as if during the heaviest downpour, drench everyone onboard in seconds. This is a feeling you do not forget for the rest of your life.

locationNiagara Falls, Canada
exposure time1/320s

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