Fuji [EN]

17th May 2019. It was the end of our month-long trip across Japan. We had chosen the place where we would spend the night while still in Poland, we wanted to be sure to wake up with a magical view in front of our eyes. The day before, thick clouds hid everything, the mountain was completely invisible. The morning of the next day was supposed to be completely different.

I got up at sunrise. Everything around me was shrouded in a thick fog. After a while, the sun began to peek through the cracks, but the mountain was still veiled in a white veil. After another thirty minutes, the fog cleared and this was the view before our eyes. Other tourists began to emerge from their tents and cars, all silently approaching the edge of the lake as if mesmerised. This was what we had been waiting for, the sacred mountain of Fuji showed itself in its full glory.

locationLake Motosu, Japan
exposure time1/1000s

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