New Zealand [EN]

22nd February 2014. Waking up was once again tough. Despite two days in Sydney and one full day in New Zealand, jet lag was not letting go. Well, but in the end we had an equal 12 hours time difference to Poland. We turned our daily schedule completely upside down, getting up when our families went to bed. We felt like we were really walking the globe upside down.

However, the adrenaline of being in New Zealand and having so many amazing places to visit, helped us a lot. We had breakfast, rolled up the tent and hit the road. We left Dunedin, the second largest city in the South Island, and drove to the Otago Peninsula in search of beautiful scenery and unusual wildlife. As is usually the case, we spent far more time there than we had originally planned and it was well past noon by the time we set off towards our next overnight stop with almost 300 kilometers to go.

And just as we were leaving the Dunedin area we saw this one of New Zealand’s most beautiful beaches. Everything was perfect: vertical cliffs, sunburned grass, sky and turquoise water. And then there was the path leading down. The captured landscape looked like the ready location for some fairytale film.

We found the entrance to the tunnel that leads steeply down to the beach and from which the beach takes its name. At Ocean level it was just as magical as above. Powerful waves rolled over rocks protruding from the water, and warm water washed our feet. There’s always too little time to spend in paradise… We headed north.

location7.5 kilometers south of Dunedin, New Zealand
exposure time1/80s

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