Zion [EN]

9th June 2016, United States. The previous day we had set off very early precisely in order to spend as much time as possible in Zion National Park. We probably knew the least about Zion of all the nine national parks we visited on this trip. We knew that you can’t get around it in your own car, you have to use the free buses that stopped at all the major attractions. At the end of the day, we were sure that Zion was one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. It captivated us completely.

We had planned a quick drive towards the next points on our map, but the park attracted us like a magnet and that day early in the morning we drove along the brown road winding through the bottom and down the side of the canyon towards the tunnel under Mount Carmel. Behind it there is a small car park and we were incredibly lucky as the last available space was just waiting for us.

We set off uphill, Gabi of course travelling in a carrier on my back, and after less than two kilometers among the brown rocks we saw this view. In front of us appeared a huge canyon and along its bottom flowed the road we had come here. The trail we followed is called the Canyon Overlook Hike and is both one of the easier and one of the most beautiful in the park. This is how we said goodbye to Zion National Park. We very much hope to return to it someday.

locationZion National Park, USA
exposure time1/60s

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